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I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Erica Murphy, and I live here in Redding, CA.

I have trained with local permanent makeup artists as well as many world renounced artists, such as Sherah Juarez owner of Ink Boutique Houston for paramedical artistry.

I have been formally in person trained and certified by Ink Boutique in Houston, Tx. I am affiliated with one of the world's best master artist in the industry, Sherah Juarez. I am the only Ink Boutique certified affiliate artist in our area.

Also, I am  excited to be the only Nue Conceal licensed artist, which is an amazing new technological device that matches your skin tone to the exact pigment for camouflage services.

My passion, knowledge, artistic skill and understanding is something I take pride in and I would love the opportunity to make your desired reflection a reality.

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My Story

I wanted to share about my story and how I became a certified paramedical artist.

I have been with my amazing husband for 23 years total and married 17 years. We have two beautiful kids both watching their mom and dad strive to follow their passion in life. 

I grew up always intrigued and passionate for makeup and art. In the early 90's I trained in San Francisco for makeup and modeling with John Casablanca's. Now as an adult I found permanent cosmetics and tattoos to be a perfect combination of both.

I love that I can help create something for someone that makes them look in the mirror at their desired reflection and smile.

I am an empath and have always been more on the introverted side but when I started my career in Paramedical Tattoo it made me realize my true calling and I am so grateful and blessed to meet all my clients. Each person I meet and have worked with have all made me become excited and more passionate about what I do everyday.

Thank you for taking your time in reading a bit about me.

Hopefully, I get to meet with you and help make your desired reflection a reality too.


I look forward to hearing from you!  Let's connect.


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